Air Conditioning

car-air-conditioningDid you know that your air conditioning should be serviced every year ? This is to check and top up the gas and lubricant levels, and also cleanse the air circulation system to maintain cold air output,eliminate bad ordours and the harmful bacteria that causes them.

The Air-Conditioning system of your car had an optimum level for both gas and lubricant. Over time and usage both the gas and the oil level will reduce. Using your Air-Conditioning system with insufficient gas or oil levels can damage the Air-con compressor in time resulting in failure of the system and costly repairs.

Main dealers can charge the earth for this service but at Cornerstone we can do it at a very competitive rate, meaning that you can keep cool without the large cost.


photodune-1034912-car-air-conditioning-controls-xs-630x250Remember that Air-Conditioning is not just for Summer, it can also remove moisture from the air whilst heating the interior of your vehicle, keeping you warm but also keeping the vehicle free from mist and condensation in the colder Winter months.